From the day he ripped down the racist mural from the walls of City Hall in St Petersburg, Florida in 1966, Chairman Omali Yeshitela (then known as Joseph Waller) has never stopped fighting for freedom for African people everywhere. Mobilized in his youth by anti-colonial movements around the world and the struggle for black liberation […]

Secretary General Luwezi Kinshasa

Luwezi Kinshasa is the Secretary General of the African Socialist International, the worldwide organization of African People’s Socialist parties located in countries throughout North America, Africa and Europe and fighting for the total liberation and unification of Africa and African people everywhere. Born in Kinshasa in Congo, S.G. Luwezi currently organizes from his base in […]

Dr. Aisha Fields

Dr. Aisha Fields is an applied optical physicist and International Director of the All African People’s Development & Empowerment Project (AAPDEP), an African-led 501 c(3) nonprofit development organization. With membership and branches in West Africa, Europe and the United States, Dr. Fields has helped to organize and coordinate AAPDEP’s impressive community-based health care, agricultural and […]

Kalambayi Andenet

Kalambayi Andenet [Kah-lam-bah-yee / An-deh-net] hails from St. Louis, Missouri.  She is the fourth child after her three older brothers. From early in Kalambayi’s life she faced the full breadth of life under U.S. colonial domination.  She was first misdiagnosed with a learning disability in the colonial public school system which relegated her to remedial […]

Yejide Orunmila

Yejide Orunmila (YE-JEE-day oh-ROON-mee-lah) is the President of the African National Women’s Organization (ANWO), an international membership-based organization founded in March 2015 to address the specific oppression that African women face as a result of colonial oppression. Born in Brooklyn, NY to working class parents who immigrated to the U.S. from Caribbean islands of Jamaica […]