Who We Are

We are the African People’s Socialist Party.

The aims and objectives of the APSP are to lead the struggle of the African working class and oppressed masses against U.S. capitalist-colonialist domination and all the manifestations of oppression and exploitation that result from this relationship. The Party recognizes that the particular character of the oppression of African people within U.S. borders is domestic or internal colonialism. Leading the struggle to end the system of domestic colonialism and smash the U.S. capitalist-colonialist state is the immediate task of the African People’s Socialist Party and the African working class.

The Party aims to advance the genuine liberation and unification of Africa and African people through its work as the U.S. Front of the worldwide African Revolution, and from this political vantage point fight for the creation of a single All-African Socialist State which will advance the development of a classless, communist society organized around the principle of, from each according to her or his ability and to each according to her or his needs.

The Party works for the emancipation of the laboring masses of the world in every country in the contest against national oppression and capitalist exploitation and to advance the solidarity of all peoples in the relentless battle against imperialism and for the victory of world socialism.

The Party aims to establish a formidable working alliance with progressive parties or forums that subscribe to the goals of the liberation and unification of Africa and African people under the leadership of the African working class and the toiling masses in general.

African Liberation Day

African Liberation Day, as an institution within the African Liberation movement, began in 1958 at the founding when different African states, activists, and leaders met in Ghana to discuss the unification of Africa. The charge was led by Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of independent Ghana.  

African Liberation Day led by the African People’s Socialist Party has the aim of forwarding the revolution that will free African people worldwide. African Internationalism, our political theory, provides the basis for the conditions lived by black people the world over. It shows that colonialism is still a real in the lives of African people, as we do not have political and economic state power anywhere on the planet. African Liberation Day holds up the vision of Nkrumah and Garvey and forwards the march to revolution by introducing to our oppressed communities vehicles that we have created for African people to participate in our liberation.

African Liberation Day exposed U.S. led imperialism, colonialism and neo-colonialism as enemies of Africa and African people and barriers to black freedom.  For decades, imperialists have attempted to distance African Liberation Day (and the African Revolution in general) from the struggle for a socialist, united Africa led by the African working class.    The freedom of Africa and African people demands revolutionary action through revolutionary organization.