Join with African Liberation Day 2014
in building dual and contending power!

This is a call by the African Socialist International (ASI) to join with the African People’s Social­ist Party (APSP) and the Uhuru Movement in holding African Lib­eration Day (ALD) events in North America and Europe, on May 24th in Washington, D.C. and May 31st in Paris, France.

These events are being held in two of imperialism’s main centers of parasitic wealth and power. Par­is, France and Washington, D.C. have headquartered world imperi­alism for hundreds of years. They are responsible for untold millions of slaughtered Africans and the misery, death and degradation as­sociated with slavery and white power colonialism.

Today, however, there exists a worldwide uprising against our colonial masters that is challeng­ing the once world dominant and unchallenged reign of white power colonialism.

The oppressed nations of the world are rising up against the op­pressor nations and have created what ASI Chairman Omali Yeshi­tela has correctly termed “An Un­easy Equilibrium” between the for­mer slaves and slave masters.

African Liberation Day 2014 follows the African People’s So­cialist Party’s Sixth Congress by six months. At that Congress, held on December 29, 2013 in St Pe­tersburg, Florida, the basic theme or foundation for African Libera­tion Day 2014 was revealed in the Chairman’s Political Report.

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